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#1 Best Place to Work | CBH Homes

CBH Homes is jumping for joy, poppin’ bubbly, doing cartwheels and truly celebrating! We won #1 for Best Place to Work in the medium category!

If you couldn’t tell, we’re REALLY, REALLY excited to win:

What does it mean to be a Best Place to Work?

CBH Homes truly cares about their employees. We strive daily to enable our employees to grow, lead, and most importantly love. Whether it’s through a daily quote, a yearly growth plan, or a giant company Christmas party in Sun Valley, CBH knows how to live and love their family!

The love exuding from this company and its employees is evident throughout our product and the buying process. We’re constantly questioning, rethinking, re-configuring processes and positions to ensure that we’re using everyone’s strengths and abilities to the max!

See why CBH Homes is a Best Place to Work here:

Ready to love where you work?

Looking for that career that will rock your world? We’re hiring. Throw experience out the window, we’re looking for winning attitudes! Stop punching a time clock and start loving your life and where you work. If you’re ready to take the plunge and jump start your career, apply now!

Give it up!

Thank you to the current rockstars of Team CBH who crush it daily! CBH Homes couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to 25 years of pure awesomness and the many more to come.

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