Reina family finally calls Boise home this Christmas | CBH Homes

Reina Family Finally Calls Boise Home

You know the stories, the ones that bring you warm fuzzies. The ones that remind you, this is why we are here. This is one of those. No tears are necessary, just pure joy for the Reina Family.1000-sales
As we recently celebrated our 1,000th sale with this awesome picture, we also realized that this sale was more than just a number. It was a dream come true for a very deserving family.



Meet the Reina family.

A military family with 3 beautiful girls, ready to set their roots down in Boise, Idaho. They’ve been renting for the past year, the girls sharing rooms, and were finally ready to make the move into owning their very own home! Bring in Cindy Zachman, their Realtor from Silver Hawk Realty, who took to the task of finding this family the home they’ve been looking for. When Cindy brought the Reina family to CBH and we heard their story, we had to share. This is what they sent us:


Hi, we are the Reinas, we just moved to Boise a year and half ago in hopes to bring up our daughters in a family oriented city. And Boise brings just that. We have been renting for the past year and half and currently live in Charter Pointe. We are neighbors to Devonshire, who has quickly became a desirable place for us to live. Michael and I have been re-married for the past 13 years and we have 3 beautiful girls together, 18 yr old, 11 yr old and 2 year old going on 3. Our dream is to put our roots down here and own a home in Boise, ID.

I  always wanted a front porch and my husband always wanted a 1 story and out of all the models we saw we all fell in love with the very last one the McCall. It fits all of our needs and budget. And we all love it and cannot wait to live in it. Michael is an Army Veteran and we are so excited to finally use our VA Loan on this home for the first time. CBH has been so easy to work with and has been a joy! Thank you CBH for making all of our home dreams come true!!

We have been super blessed to have the most amazing awesome Realtor, Cindy Zachman from Silver Hawk Realty. She has been such a blessing to us and to work with, and has helped us in more ways then one. I highly recommend her in your search for a new home.

The Reina Family had just a few requests to complete their dream home. Most importantly being a single story. Michael, the father, has had several medical procedures on his hips, back and shoulders. Stairs are very difficult and painful for him.  Adrienne, always wanted that front porch and knew if all of these things could come together, then their family could be really happy.

Why buy new, why buy CBH?

Going through the building process can be scary and at times stressful, we get it! Adrienne told us, “Going in I was very hesitant to buy a new home. I thought ‘oh my gosh, this is going to be so stressful’. But it has been smooth.”  The large selection, workable financing and the location we’re exactly what they were looking for. They were so excited to find everything on their wish list in a brand new place where no one has ever lived before.

What really struck us was when Adrienne said, “Buying a new home gives such a sense of accomplishment. And since it’s new, you don’t have to settle for less. There’s just something about buying ‘new’. It’s yours. No one else has ever owned it before.” We couldn’t agree more.

These are the stories that remind us, this is what new home construction is all about. Making dreams come true for families. This holiday season we’re adding the Reina family to the top of our grateful list and along with that, love wins. Every time.

2016 CBH Homes December Promo

Santa came early and delivered what you’ve always wanted, the
2016 CBH Homes December Promo!2016 CBH Homes December Promo


Get up to $7,000 to put towards your closing costs, purchase price or some fun goodies in the Design Studio when you buy a CBH available spec home! Yes, free money to put back in your pocket this holiday. Receive these deals from now until December 31st:

$7,000 on purchase prices over $250,000*
$5,000 on purchase prices between $200,000 to $249,999*
$2,500 on purchase prices at or below $199,999*
How do you find which homes qualify for the 2016 CBH Homes December Promo?

It’s simple, CLICK HERE, and the current list of homes that are either new-never occupied or under construction that qualify for the promo will pull up. Here are a few samples of what you can look forward to:

Ge up to $7,000* off this home!
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Hurry in and take part in this crazy, awesome, to-die-for deal! Or stop in to any of the CBH Sales Centers to find more information. Don’t miss it!

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*Some restrictions apply. See a CBH Sales Specialist for complete details. To qualify for the CBH Homes December Promo contract dates must be between 12-14-2016 and 12-31-2016. Buyer to receive $7,000 for homes priced at or above $250,000, $5,000 for homes priced between $200,000 to $249,999, or $2,500 for homes priced at or below $199,999 for started or finished available spec home contracts only. Promo amount to be applied toward Buyers’ closing costs, purchase price or upgrades in the CBH Design Studio and excludes landscaping and/or fencing. Broker cooperation invited. Broker cooperation invited. *Marketed by CBH Sales & Marketing, Inc.  RCE-923.

2016 CBH Homes’ Trade Partner of the Year

As the year comes to a close we can’t help but say thanks and throw a killer breakfast for all of our FABULOUS Trade Partners! Most importantly, we have to recognize one special 2016 CBH Homes’ Trade Partner of the Year. This team has stood out throughout the year. Always going above and beyond. Can we get a drum roll, please? Give it up for our:

2016 CBH Homes’ Trade Partner of the Year




2016 CBH Homes' Trade Partner of the Year

Shilo Plumbing stood out as our top notch trade partner in 2016. Their positive attitudes each and every day, along with their dedication for efficiency, makes working with Shilo Plumbing an amazing team to work with each time.

To all of our Trade Partners we must say THANK YOU for:

Providing over 1,000 homes to families in 2016.

Providing jobs to the community.

Being Laborers of Love.

We appreciate you!

One last thing… Can we get a CBH on 3?


2017 is coming up quick – will you be the Top Trade Partner in 2017?

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CBH Homes November MVR

Let’s celebrate the 2016 November MVR!


CBH Homes would like to give a big shout out to our

2016 November MVR (Most Valuable Realtor) :

Brandon Makovsky, Keller Williams Realty Boise

Brandon, you had an amazing November! We thank you for all of your effort and closing a CBH home last month.

We couldn’t leave out a person-to-person ‘thank you’! Ami Martin, Star Sales Coach, would like to say:

How excited we are to have Brandon as our 2016 November MVR, thank you so much for all you do!


CBH would also like to thank the following Realtors who closed a CBH Home during November 2016:

Alexa Head, Group One – Eagle
Amy Bradshaw, Silvercreek Realty Group
Amy Harper, Canyon Trail Realty, LLC
Anastasia Olmstead, 1st Place Realty LLC
Angela Schlagel, Amherst Madison Legacy
Angie Heasley, Group One
Barbara Spencer, Silvercreek Realty Group
Barbaraann Williamson, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Becka Marston, TripleCord Real Estate
Brandon Makovsky, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Brent Dildine, Realty One Centre of Boise
Cheri Briggs, Silvercreek Realty Group
Chet Pipkin, Downs Realty, LLC
Christopher Tuggle, Silvercreek Realty Group
Cindy Lewis, Silvercreek Realty Group
Cindy Sawyers, RE/MAX Capital City
Cody Sinclair, Boise Premier Real Estate
Colby Lampman, Homes of Idaho Inc.
Crystal Robinson, Better Homes and Gardens 43 North (more…)

Own versus Rent | CBH Homes

It’s on every renters or first time buyers mind, do I own versus rent? CBH Homes will be the first to tell you OWN is the only way to go, but let’s get to the details on why.

Own versus Rent

Many people may think, “I can’t afford to own a home”. We’re here to tell you, YOU CAN! Check these numbers out:

When you rent, $1,000 per month can get you a whopping 800 sq. ft. apartment in Meridian, Idaho. Here’s what else you can look forward to in an apartment:

  • Zero Equity (your landlord gets all the money)
  • No Yardcbh-homes-blog-treasure-valley-market-appartment
  • Shared Walls
  • Deposits (that you’ll hopefully get back)
  • One Parking Spot (if you’re lucky)

When you buy CBH Homes, $1,000 per month can put you into a 2,710 sq. ft. shiny, new, awesome home in Meridian, Idaho. Don’t forget all the other perks of owning a home:

  • An Investment (put money back in your pocket)
  • Your Own Yardcbh-homes-blog-treasure-valley-market-home
  • Room for everything
  • A Garage (say goodbye to scraping those windows)
  • No Landlord (go on and have a pet or two)
  • Tax Write Offs (thanks Uncle Sam)


Still not sure if buying is for you? Let these homeowners show you how it feels, all in one picture:


Joy, love, excitement, happiness, ownership, the list could go on for the feelings you have when you finally own your own brand new CBH home. Say bye, bye to gross carpet, mildew bathrooms, and used appliances.

Are you thinking, this is all great but I can’t afford $1,000 a month? That brings us to our next topic. Let’s put it this way, drive until you qualify.CBH Homes Drive until you Qualify

We totally get it. Location is number one on the list when it comes to finding your new home. Boise or Meridian might be your top picks but they’re also at a high price point. Hop in the car, take a drive, head west with us and watch as your options grow! We’re surrounded by great communities with great schools throughout the Treasure Valley, get out and explore all of your options. Stop throwing your money away on rent and paying for your landlords vacation. Invest in yourself and let your dreams come to life.

Trust us, renting does not feel as good as OWNING. Tell all your renter friends, it’s time to buy!

Ready to own?

Get into a shiny, new, awesome home today – we have operators on the line!

Learn more. 1.208.941.4931 | Contact for Pricing

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CBH Homes December Tip Tuesday

CBH Homes December Tip Tuesday

Howdy, y’all!

Are you ready to keep your home in tip top shape? We want to help keep you home shiny, new, and awesome, which is why your December Tip Tuesday recap is here! Today we’re sharing how to replace your furnace filter – Click here
or on the image below!

 Your Warranty Team, Jammie and Dana
Take a look at Facebook every Tuesday for your homeowner tips:
 Have you heard about Tip Tuesdays? Here’s how to get in the know – follow us on Facebook to ensure your home stays in tip-top shape. Every Tuesday you’ll find a new tip from Jammie and Dana with our Warranty Team.
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2016 December Design Studio Promo | CBH Homes

Your 2016 December Design Studio Promo is here! Don’t miss out on this amazing upgrade.

2016 December Design Studio Promo

Add some extra cushion to your carpet and treat your feet to this sweet deal! It only lasts the month of December, so hurry in and get this promo! Checkout all the details here:

CBH Homes 2016 December
Design Studio Promo

FREE 6lb carpet pad upgrade
for Advantage Collection Homes
FREE “standard” 8lb carpet pad upgrade
for Legacy and Signature Collection Homes

 Visit the CBH Homes Design Studio or contact the CBH New Home Matchmakers for more details.

We can’t wait to see you cozy up into a shiny, new, awesome CBH home this winter!

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*Some restrictions apply. See a CBH Design Studio Specialist for complete details. 

The Festival of Homes up to $10k Promo | CBH Homes

Are you ready for a festival worthy promo? For a short time only, get in on the Festival of Homes up to $10k Promo.cbh-homes-festival-of-homes-promo-logo
Happy new year.
Happy new home.
Get up to $10,000 to spend on your new CBH home when you build between December 1st thru 11th! Yes, free money to put back in your pocket this holiday.


$10k on purchase prices over $250,000*
$7k on purchase prices between $200,000 to $249,999*
$5k on purchase prices at or below $199,999*


Ready to put money back into your pocket now? Operators are standing by, call now: 208-991-4931.

Join us in the CBH Homes Festival of Homes, find the location and schedule here. Or stop in to any of the CBH Sales Centers to find more information.

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*Some restrictions apply. See a CBH Sales Specialist for complete details. To qualify for the CBH Homes Festival of Homes up to $10k Promo contract dates must be between 11-30-2016 and 12-11-2016, for build job contracts only. Buyer to receive $10,000 for homes priced at or above $250,000, $7,000 for homes priced between $200,000 to $249,999, or $5,000 for homes priced at or below $199,999. Promo amount to be applied toward upgrades in the CBH Design Studio and excludes landscaping and fencing. Broker cooperation invited. Marketed by CBH Sales & Marketing, Inc. RCE-923.

CBH Festival of Homes Begins | CBH Homes

What do Christmas lights, pictures with Santa, fresh baked goods, and beautiful homes have in common? The first annual CBH Festival of Homes. Let’s deck the halls, and everything else!cbh-homes-festival-of-homes-header-teal

What is the CBH Festival of Homes?

Come spread some cheer this holiday season and tour six new furnished model homes throughout the Treasure Valley. Beginning Friday, December 2nd for two weekends only, stop in and warm up with hot apple cider, fresh baked cookies, holiday lights and decorated holiday trees to enjoy. See complete details here

Get in on these give-a-ways!

We’re not done yet. Put a little stuff back in your stocking with these give-a-ways during the CBH Festival of Homes:

  • Enter-to-win one of the six fully decorated holiday trees from the CBH Festival of Homes | Let us do the tree decorating for you!
  • Enter-to-win a $1,000 gift card to The Village At Meridian | Go on and get your shopping spree on!

Winners will be announced Monday, December 12th!

The fun doesn’t stop there! Get your Ho, Ho, Homes in with Santa Claus. Yes, Santa’s coming and ready for pictures with you and your kids. Find Kris Kringle at each of the locations throughout the two weekends. Here’s the home tour and Santa’s schedule:


Festival of Homes Hours,
Locations & Santa’s Schedule:

First Two Weekends in December
December 2nd – 4th & 9th – 11th
Open Fridays: 12 pm – 8 pm | Saturdays & Sundays: 10 am – 5 pm


cbh-homes-festival-boiseThe CARLTON 1676 in Southridge
1759 W American Fork
Meridian, ID 83642

Visit Santa:
Friday, December 2, 6pm – 8pm


The LANGTON 1502 in Whitney Springs
10603 Tysen Springs St
Nampa, ID 83687

Visit Santa:
Saturday, December 3, 12pm – 2pm


The MONTEREY 2100 in Crimson Pointcbh-homes-festival-kuna
2239 N Glacier Blue Rd,
Kuna, ID 83634

Visit Santa:
Sunday, December 4, 12pm – 2pm


The CORAL 1699 in Copper River Basin
11271 W Bodie River Loop
Nampa, ID 83686

Visit Santa:
Friday, December 9, 6pm – 8pm


The NEWPORT 2017 in Ventana
5254 N Beaham Ave
Meridian, ID 83642

Visit Santa:
Saturday, December 10, 12pm – 2pm


The SONOMA 2539 in Pavilion cbh-homes-festival-star
827 N Hidden View Way
Star, ID 83669

Visit Santa:
Sunday, December 11, 12pm – 2pm


Visit the CBH Festival of Homes
for complete details.

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Tully Park in Meridian Introduces NEW Outdoor Gym | CBH Homes

Citizens of Meridian – get excited for the NEW outdoor gym in Tully Park! We were blessed to be able to be apart of the Tully Park Outdoor Gym Ribbon Cutting Monday afternoon.cbh-homes-tully-park-outdoor-gym

Why a new outdoor gym?

The Meridian Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council led the project as they raised money, researched and also conceived this innovative new park amenity. Their goal to encourage citizens of all ages to exercise. As we all know exercise can reduces stress. On top of that it can boost those happy chemicals and help sharpen memory. Furthermore, exercise can get the creative juices flowing. Here’s what Steve Siddoway, Meridian Parks & Recreation Director believes:

“An outdoor gym is something residents have said they wanted, and we are happy to make this dream a reality,” stated Meridian Parks and Recreation Director Steve Siddoway. “What makes it even more unique is the collaboration with the members of MYAC to make it happen.”

What equipment can I find at Tully Park?

To name a few of the outdoor gym equipment at the park, we’ll start with the power tower that can be used for dips, leg raises, pull ups and more! The lateral pull down, chest press, and row, can give you that upper body workout you crave. Don’t miss the elliptical machine that will get your heart pumping.  If you’re needing to catch some fresh air, get your workout on, or simply play around, be sure to checkout Tully Park!

Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd and CBH Homes’ Vice President, Ronda Conger, posed for a snapshot while the kids tested out their handiwork.


Lastly, checkout the sponsors plaque and give it up to those who made it possible. Thank you to Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation, Conger Management Group, CBH Homes (woop woop), Flatwork LLC, Sunroc Corporation, Clements Conrete, and Brundage Bone!

Tully Park

Located at 2500 N Linder Road in Meridian, is a 18.675 acre park that boasts many amenities and features. From Baseball/softball,  playground, a large skate park and picnic shelter, this park has it all. The City of Meridian is proud to announce it’s first ever, outdoor gym! Go on and get your full body workout all while catching some fresh air.