CBH Homes 2016 NHQA Announcement

Ever heard of the National Housing Quality Award (NHQA)? If you’re in home building, then listen up. The NHQA is the home building’s top award for quality management. Here’s the run down, home builders submit an application that can be up to 20 pages long. They are compiling everything from stats, to processes, to your mission statement, from there, a committee reviews the application.  Three builders are chosen to receive a site visit and then, it’s game on.

The NHQA site visit or what we like to say a good, swift, kick in the tail, is an all out intense session with 3 judges. Picture this, 3 days of someone digging, prying, and questioning everything you do.

After that, it’s an excruciating month until you hear back with your results.

Cue the NHQA drum roll…

BRONZENHQ Logo Seal0810rr

It was one wild ride, and we absolutely loved it! CLICK HERE to read our write up from Professional Builder Magazine with our results.

One of our favorite quotes from them:

“You are perfectly engineered for your current results.” – NHQA Judge

Here’s what we took away from the NHQA results:

Be Open to Growth

Take the feedback and run. Be open to their suggestions and criticism. We’re running great for where we are now but if we want more and want to grow, be open to change!




Taking our trades to the next level. Our Trades are as much of us as our own employees, we must hold them to the same standards and share our goals with them. Oh and our favorite, to LOVE on them as much as possible.



With an average length of employment at a whopping 7 years, you can imagine it’s easy to get stuck doing it the way we’ve always done it. That means death to progress. We can’t let experience and longevity make us lazy.  We are challenging the old ways and staying on our toes.


NHQA Judges advise us to become consistent across all departments with reporting, systems, processes and communication. We’re as good as our weakest link. Let’s bring everyone along to the success.


Yes, we received Bronze…

Losing is never fun so let’s focus on the NHQA wins:

  • CBH Homes is very professional and positive work environment which is literally among the industry’s best practices.
  • Strong community involvement.
  • Idaho’s Best Places to Work Designation
  • Leadership reviewing high level success drivers.
  • Sales and Marketing has a solid performance management process, heightened expectations, and strong leadership.
  • Strong Customer Handling Process with Sales Simplicity, Lasso, and Punchlist.
  • There is a significant focus on individual growth plans.
  • CBH has an abundant production capacity and well season field staff.
  • Tremendous market share.


We’re not done with NHQA quite yet. Yes, we’ll be applying next year and aiming for GOLD!

Top Realtor 2016 – October Count

It’s a race to the finish!
Will you be packing your bags?

How many CBH homes will you sell before 12.31.16 at midnight?

In the lead with 9 sales:

Brent Dildine
Colby Lampman

Close behind with 6 sales:

Amy Bradshaw
Jeff Miller

Hanging in with 5 sales:

Ladwina Lancaster

Here’s who has had 4 sales:

Jennie Johnson
Mike Meloche
Reginald Dobbs
Rick McGraw
Sergio Sigmond
Shari Hahn
Thelma Ankenman
Valerie Dildine

Here’s who has had 3 sales:

Atticus Faul
Edward Elhart
Erin Hart
Jahil Sinhue-Vejar
Jay Andrus
Jeff Dildine
Jeff Kinshella
Jim Thorpe
Joyce Kloepfer
Julene Webb
Kelly Braaksma
Lonnie Dodd
Lucas O’Neill
Lynn Moore
Madi Reid
Maria Poisall
Matt Lighten
Melissa Lemp
Michele Woods
Mike Pennington
Nicole Brushey
Randall Filbert
Randy Mccurdy
Robert Fisher
Samir Delic
Sean Hart
Sharon Larracoechea
Tara Heinz
Todd McCauley
Vincent Archibeque

Here’s who has had 2 sales:

Aaron Catt
Allan Brock
Amy Harper
Anastasia Olmstead
Angie Heasley
Brad Varland
Brandon Makovsky
Christopher Carpenter
Clint Hymas
Crystal Fuhriman
Dan Myers
Dave Anderson
Debbie Cleaver
Deborah Byron-Leffler
Derek Cassel
Devon Fletcher
Dina Osipchuk
Donna Painter
Eric Kulm
Hector Perla
Horace Smith
Jackie Rudolph
Jake Conklin
Janelle Anderson
Janice Stieger
Jeanette Kirkpatrick
Jeanette Rios
Jennifer Essig
Jennifer Pharris
Jeremy Busack
Jo Short
John Zaleski
Joseph Newby
Joseph Stone
Joshua Daniels
Kara Schofield
Karla Bassett
Katie Miller
Kerrylyn Miller
Kimberli Dean
Kit Fitzgerald
Laura Johnson
Linda Lazaris
Linda Slaughter
Lisa Bowman Zeiter
Lisa Goddard
Lisa Johnson
Margie Schroeder
Mark Kondratyuk
Marla Berger
Matthew Bauschner
Meghan Ingram
Melissa Loverde
Michael Edgar
Michael Mauden
Nate Wilson
Pam Burns
Peggy Ruggiero
Peter Schott
Rebekah McKernan
Richard Gray
Richard Snyder
Rick Larsen
Robert Renteria
Robert Smith
Rochelle Bradley
Rose Sanchez
Sami Lue Rice
Scott Swan
Seth Neal
Tanya Petruchok
Tempe Mcfarlane
Ti Smack
Vic Peterson
Vic Schreiner
William Smith
William Tilman
Brandi Roberts

Here’s who has had 1 sale:

Aaron Holbrook
Aaron Knox
Abraham Lopez
Adin Catovic
AJ Niebergall
Al Busby
Alexa Head
Alicia Pereyra-Malone
Amanda Scott
Amy Berryhill
Ana McNeil
Andrew Curry
Andrew Knowles
Angela Schlagel
Angie Dilmore
Angie Martin
Anne Arrmbrust
Antonio Flores
Arrow Tallman
Arvid Salisbury
Ashley Heller
Barbara Spencer
Barbaraann Williamson
Becky Hartman
Becky McCormick
Bibi Etzel
Bill Stradley
Bobbie Smith
Bonnie O’Hara
Braden Jesser
Bradley minasian
Brandon Iordanescu
Brenda Kolsen
Brent Hanson
Brooke Hutteball
Bruce Hubbard
Bryan Marin
Bryan Richter
Bryanna Givens
Cameron Durfee
Carl Keever
Carma Matheson
Carolyn Vaught
Cheri Briggs
Cheri Taliaferro
Cheryl Callaway
Chet Pipkin
Christina Hirsch
Christina Moore Ward
Christopher Tuggle
Chuck Jones
Cindy Lewis
Cindy Sawyers
Cindy Smith
Clark Hyvonen
Claudia Halden
Clay Hall
Clayton Clark
Cody Sinclair
Cortie Noud
Craig Ellis
Crissy Hollenbeck
Crystal Robinson
Crystalyn Vaugh
Curtis Stoaks
Cynthia Wilkie
Dale Williamson
Dan Stout
Dan Wise
Daniel Epp
Daniel Johnson
Danielle Cullip
Danielle Martell
Danny VanZandt
Darcelle Sander
Daryl Rhead
Daryl Smith
Dave Kallas
David Smith
David Stark
Dawn Johnson
Dawn Zesiger
Deanna Bartlett
Debbie Lampman
Debbie Mulidore
Debbie Pisca
Debbie Smith
Debbie Wickham
Debbie Young
Debra Brown
Debra Hodges
Debra Strobel
Denise Fuit
Denise Thiry
Dennis Fomin
Derin Dildine
Deseree Dewey
Diana Barela
Diane Bevan
Dianne Dimick
Dianne Dyer
Dina Pisani
Don Wixom
Dori Wick
Doug Lampman
Doug Perry
Douglas Ferguson
Douglas Lupsha
Drew Gardner
Ed Caron
Eddie Oropeza
Elisabeth Keeney
Elizabeth Bravender
Elizabeth Hume
Emmett Cate
Eric Bracht
Eric Stans
Fortunati Mandy
Garrett Pancheri
Gary Hayes
Gary Kraus
Gary Shook
Gene Severt
Gerald Dalton Sr.
Gina Brocke
Graham Mackenzie
Greg Jensen
Gregory Loveday
Hart Beal
Helen Law
Holly Murray
Howard Trujillo
Hydi Nasiatka
Igor Ivko
Ivan Castillo
Jace Stolfo
Jackie Rose
Jacob Detweiler
Jacque Gilliam
James Jewett
Jamie Canfield
Jane Jetley
Janice Flynn
Janie Pollmann
Jason Ashcraft
Jason Mayfield
Jason McCurdy
Jason Provencio
Jeanise Swaner
Jeff Mixon
Jeff Stewart
Jeff Wirht
Jeffrey Bull
Jeffrey Sweet
Jenna King
Jennifer Bullock
Jennifer Navest
Jennifer Novell
Jennifer Pisano
Jennifer Stacey
Jennifer Walker
Jeremy Telford
Jerry Green
Jessica Ozuna
Jill Giese
JoAnn Lowe
Joanna Etter
Jody Osterhout
Joe Austtin
Joe Bridgewater
Joel Hess
John Boles
John Espinosa
John Evans
Jonathan Long
Jordan Moorhouse
Joseph Austin
Josh Groesbeck
Joyce Little
Joyce McNamara
Juan Silvaz
Judy Trimble
Julia Jones
Julie Cendejas
Juniper Cooper
Justin Abel
Justin Bateman
Justine Krivancec
Kara Christian
Karen Daniel
Karen Jonnard
Kate Taylor
Katheen Gale
Kathleen Sawyer
Kathy Edmondson
Kathy Longstreet
Katrina Geving
Katrina Wehr
Kaycee Cron
Kayla Fearn
Kaysha Stephensen
KC Robinson
Kearna Whiting
Kelley Simon
Kelly Fisher
Kelly Humphry
Kelly Kitchens
Ken Miles
Kent Erickson
Kevin Hall
Kevin Sackett
Kim Huffman
Kim Park
Kim Spears
Kim Tencich
Kimberly Bailey
Kimberly Porter
Kristen Johnson
Kristen Sweet
Kristin Sherman
Kristine Lee
Kristy Critchfield
Lacey Beauvais
Lachlan MacGillivray
Larissa Barto
Laura Gassaway
Laura Landen
Laurel Meyer
Le Ann Badiola
Lenay Shaw
Leroy Horne
Les Curvey
Leslie D’Andrea
Leslie Hampton
Lexi Barrett
Linda Cook
Linda Flannery
Linda Ipaye
Linda Murphy
Linda Schlomer
Linda Wright
Lino Rocca
Linzie Sawyer
Lisa Funkhouser
Lisa Kohl
Lisa Thomas
Lisa Zeiter
Lois Murphy
Lonni McDonough
Lynette Thueson
Lynn Boyd
Marcella Trueba
Marcus Tam
Mardi Mendenhall
Margene Ford
Maria Godina Hernandez
Mark Allen
Mark Jones
Mark Paljetak
Mark Stevens
Markey Deroest
Marty Camberlango
Mary Jane Marlow
Meghan Saboori
Melissa Beck
Melody Dayley
Melody Smedick
Michael Fowler
Michael Moir
Michael Rodgers
Michael Simis
Michael Williams
Michelle Armstrong
Michelle Welch
Mickie Knudsen
Miguel Ramirez
Mike Meadows
Mira Piva
Mogie Holm
Molly Henrie
Monte Palmer
Natalie Shreeve
Natasha Hugo
Neil Kluckow
Nicholas Hampton
Nick Rice
Nick Roundtree
Nickolas Cracolice
Nicole Hulbert
Norma Bates
Norma Herrera
Orie Garcia
Patrick Williamson
Patsi Williams
Paul Buttolph
Peggy Breen
Peter Campbell
Phil Mount
Philip Holzwarth
Piers Lamb
Press Pyle
Randi Arnold
Rani Andrus
Renee Childers
Rex Larsen
Rex Tedeski
Richard Bauer
Richard Falk
Richard Fried
Robert Faires
Robert Gifford
Robert Larison
Robert Ridgway
Ron Bean
Ron Manker
Ron Whipple
Ronald Stevens
Russell Allaway
Ruth Ann Wardak
Ryan Walker
Sam Saltaga
Samantha Stevens
Sandy Townsend
Sanel Tucakovic
Sara Carr
Sarah Knapik
Sarah Libengood
Scott Cote
Scott Dykstra
Sean Taylor
Semele Freeman-Hall
Shain Urwin
Sharon Litzebauer
Sharon Walker
Shelby Howard
Shelly Brinton
Shelly Henry
Shirley Freer
Shirley Hicks
Shirley Koch
Siera Flores
Stacey Budell
Stan Tonkin
Stanley Scott
Stephanie Stockman
Stephen Singleton
Steven Smith
Susan O’Neall
Susy Hobson
Tasha Jones
Tedi Hepper
Terra Wheeler
Terry Gillispie
Terry Ivins
Thom Holzschuh
Thomas Betzold
Tifni Pennecard
Tim Burroughs
Timm Pearson
Timothy Nagle
Tina DeBoer
Tina Fisher
Todd Bedegi
Tom Barbey
Tom Turner
Tony Roark
Tonyah Lee
Traci Roberts
Tracie McDonald
Tracy Conklin
Tracy DeMarco
Tracy Kasper
Travis Wilson
Trent Stimpson
Troy Ashworth
Valentina Allen
Valerie Gray
Veronica Hernandez
Veronica Sahagun
Victoria Kelly
Vikki Mattis
Vincent General
Vladimir Lukomsky
Wendy Alexandre
Wendy Everett
Woody Elliott
Wren Nicks
Zachary Lopez
Zachery Chittenden

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Join CBH Homes at Professional Development Day

Are you ready to join CBH Homes at Professional Development Day?

Quick question. Do you want to connect with Idaho’s top leaders?


We’re grabbing our pens and notebooks and headed to a day filled with learning, growth, and success! With 12 of Idaho’s top business leaders speaking, this jam packed day will leave you or your employees inspired and connected with key executives from some of Idaho’s top privately held companies. Did we mention our very own Vice President, Ronda Conger will be speaking ?


Don’t miss Ronda Conger’s session, “Are you a pilot or passenger?”, where she’ll show you how to be the BOSS of your day. Learn to be the captain of your life, focus on your goals and get what you really want out of life! No more sitting on the sidelines, time to take the driver seat and LET’S GO!

Professional Development Day

hosted by Boise Young Professionals

WHEN: Wednesday, October 26th

TIME: 8am-5pm


WHERE: Boise Centre | 850 W Front St, Boise, ID  83702

Celebrating our MVR for the month of September!


CBH Homes would like to give a big shout out to our

2016 September MVR (Most Valuable Realtor) :

Reginald Dobbs, RE/MAX Executives

You are amazing and we thank you for all your hard work & effort.

Here’s a a big ‘thank you’ from Ami Martin, Eagle Sales Coach, to tell you how much we LOVE you:

CBH would also like to thank the following Realtors who closed a CBH Home during September 2016:
Amy Bradshaw, Silvercreek Realty Group
Amy Bradshaw, Silvercreek Realty Group
Angie Martin, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Brad Varland, Woodhouse Group
Brent Dildine, Realty One Centre of Boise
Brent Dildine, Realty One Centre of Boise
Brent Dildine, Realty One Centre of Boise
Bryan Richter, Moniker Real Estate
Bryanna Givens, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Cheryl Callaway, Silvercreek Realty Group
Clayton Clark, Boise Premier Real Estate
Clint Hymas, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Colby Lampman, Homes of Idaho Inc.
Crystal Fuhriman, Team One Group Real Estate
Crystal Fuhriman, Team One Group Real Estate
Crystalyn Vaugh, 1st Place Realty LLC
Dale Williamson, Amherst Madison Partners
Dan  Stout, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson
David Stark, Market Pro Real Estate
Debbie Cleaver, Integrity Group RE Services
Derek Cassel, West Real Estate Group
Dina Osipchuk, Silvercreek Realty Group
Dori Wick, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson
Eric Stans, Idaho Premier Properties
Greg Jensen, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Idaho Realty
Holly Murray, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Horace  Smith, HMS REALTY
Jackie Rose, Silvercreek Realty Group
Janelle Anderson, Atova, INC
Janice Stieger, Group One
Jeff Miller, Stubbs Realty, Inc.
Jeff Miller, Stubbs Realty, Inc.
John Zaleski, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Juniper Cooper, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Kathleen Sawyer, Premier Properties,Inc.
Katie Miller, TripleCord Real Estate Boise
Katie Miller, TripleCord Real Estate
Kelly Braaksma, Michael Ryan Real Estate
Kelly Humphry, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson
Kerrylyn Miller, Silvercreek Realty Group
Kristen Johnson, Amherst Madison Partners
Kristin Sherman, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Kristine Lee, ERA-West Wind-Mtn.Home
Lenay Shaw, Silvercreek Realty Group Boise
Leslie  Hampton, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Lisa Goddard, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Idaho Realty
Lynn Boyd, Group One
Marcella Trueba, Mountain Home Pro Real Estate
Margie Schroeder, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson
Markey Deroest, Equity Idaho Real Estate
Meghan Saboori, Equity Idaho Real Estate
Mickie Knudsen, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Mike Meloche, Four Seasons Residential Realty
Mira Piva, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Pam Burns, Silvercreek Realty Group
Piers Lamb, Tiger Prop
Reginald Dobbs, RE/MAX Executives
Reginald Dobbs, RE/MAX Executives
Richard Bauer, Stress Free Homes Realty
Rick Larsen, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Robert Larison, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Robert Renteria, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Ryan Walker, Silvercreek Realty Group
Sally Reynolds, Boise Premier Real Estate
Sally Reynolds, Boise Premier Real Estate
Shelly Brinton, Genesis Real Estate Group, LLC
Siera Flores, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Terry Ivins, Atova, INC
Thelma Ankenman, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Tom Barbey, Atova, INC
Travis Wilson, Tiger Prop Boise S
Valerie Dildine, Realty One Centre of Boise
Valerie Dildine, Realty One Centre of Boise
Vic Peterson, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson
Vincent Archibeque, Amherst Madison Partners
Woody Elliott, Silvercreek Realty Group

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 You could be one of three Realtors to walk away
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CBH Homes is lovin’ on our Trade Partner of the Month! – September

 Congratulations to the September 2016 CBH Homes TRADE PARTNER OF THE MONTH

 Jeff Aldape and Nick Cirell with
Precision Framing

“There is a sense of pride with you guys. We we need something we are able to get a hold of you. Keep up the great work!”
– Craig Hatcher, Superintendent

As Trade Partner of the Month, you go above and beyond and totally crush it!

Please enjoy bragging rights and coffee on us.

Thank you for making CBH Homes shiny, new, and awesome.

Trade Partner what? TRADE PARTNER LUV – that’s right, we want to give mad props to our subcontractors who are really killing it!

Want bragging rights for the next month? Here’s how:
  • You must do more than expected.
  • You must be current and quick to respond to your warranty claims.
  • You must create raving fans of CBH Homes teammates, your employees, & CBH Homeowners.

Bring on October – who’s ready to have coffee on us?!

CBH Homes votes YES to W.A.R.D. aquatic centers.


Join CBH Homes this November in voting YES to the two W.A.R.D aquatic centers!

The City of Meridian has been topping the charts and making some serious moves recently. From fastest growing city, safest city, to best place to live by Money Magazine, Meridian is growing and growing fast. You may find it surprising to hear, that there is no indoor aquatic center for the entire area.

Meridian citizens, no need to fear, the city is hear to answer your call! Join us in supporting W.A.R.D., two, year-round, public indoor aquatic centers for both North and South Meridianward_social_button


These centers are a part of something bigger. Families and children will now have greater health and recreation opportunities. Furthermore, the economic value added by the centers are tremendous, and are coming at a low cost to taxpayers. Lastly, the land for the aquatic centers is donated. Yes, donated! Read more reasons why to vote yes by clicking here.




  • Get EDUCATED! Sign up and stay up to date on all W.A.R.D news here.

We’re in this pool together.

Our city needs our votes, and we’re here to say YES!


October Tip Tuesday is here for you!

Howdy, y’all!

Are you ready to keep your home in tip top shape? Your monthly Tip Tuesday recap is here! Today we’re sharing 21 tips every homeowner should know – Click here
or on the image below!

 Your Warranty Team, Jammie and Dana
Take a look at Facebook every Tuesday for your homeowner tips:
 Have you heard about Tip Tuesdays? Here’s how to get in the know – follow us on Facebook to ensure your home stays in tip-top shape. Every Tuesday you’ll find a new tip from Jammie and Dana with our Warranty Team.

Also, don’t miss out on last month’s tips by clicking here.

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Vote Teschia Tucakovic for WCR 2017 President.


Vote Teschia Tucakovic for
Women’s Council of Realtors President Elect

Winning with Teschia! 

RSVP Now to attend next Wednesday’s 
Women’s Council of Realtor’s Breakfast Meeting

WHEN | Wednesday, October 12th at 8:30 am – 10:00 am

WHERE Riverside Hotel | 2900 W Chinden Blvd, Boise 83714

WHAT | WCR Breakfast Meeting & 2017 Elections!


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Let’s get to knockin’ on this October promo! | CBH Homes

Knock, knock! It’s your October Promo, a new, beautiful front door upgrade calling! Ready to complete your curb appeal?

Get in on this October promo and jazz up your

Free UPGRADE Two Panel Exterior Door




Visit CBH Homes today to find out more about our new communitiesfloorplans and meet our team!

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Ada County Fall Parade of Homes

Join us in the
2016 Fall Parade of Homes!


Introducing the Sonoma 2539

in Wycliffe Estates.

Welcome home to the Sonoma 2539. With 9’ ceilings, wood plank flooring, and an open floor plan, this space will captivate you. Let the kitchen take your breath away with the beautiful maritime maple cabinets featuring copper accents. The contrasting pure white island and linen counter-tops complete this picture perfect scene. As you get lost in the designer features, the Sonoma becomes more than an attractive floor plan. It’s your home.
Don’t miss our Parade VIP Kick Off Event:
PARADE_FALL-2016-INVITE HEADER-01WHEN   | Friday, September 30th from 5-6:30 pm
WHERE  Wycliffe Estates – 2686 E. Snocreek Dr. Eagle, ID 83616
Enter to Win a CBH Bluetooth Speaker Lightbulb, gift cards & more prizes!


2016 Fall Parade

DATES Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd

           Oct. 7th – Oct. 9th

              Oct. 14th – Oct. 16th

TIMES | Friday’s, Saturday’s, & Sunday’s 11 am – 5 pm


Learn more. 1.208.991.4931
CBHHomes.com | Contact for Pricing

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